MMO Rambling

Well, this has been an interesting week.

First up, I officially picked up Champions Online.  There was a good reason for this:  the company I work for had an anniversary recently, and I’d gotten a fifty dollar gift credit card; I figured, why not?  All it was doing was sitting there staring at me, and as I said in my previous review, I didn’t hate the gameplay, just the character art style.  Long as I make characters who I can’t see the faces of, it’s all good.

Still not bailing on CoH, though.  Fact is, I still enjoy playing CoH, still enjoy creating missions and arcs in CoH, and-quite frankly-like the environment of players there more.  You want a key to longevity in a game?  Community.  I don’t feel it in Champs, and I’m likely to let it lapse entirely once Star Trek Online is launched.

Which is the big news of the week thus far.  STO got an official launch date.  (Still no closed beta for me.  Maybe I’ll do better with open beta.)  In preparation, sponsored up the Corps of Discovery site, but there’s no way I’ll reserve a domain name until we officially land it in-game.  I’d feel pretty damned stupid to saddle the site with the wrong name.

The game that’s suffering from all this is EVE (well, in terms of my gaming time).  EVE is slowly being backburnered.  One corp-member headed out to join another corporation with more people (a sentiment I can understand completely; that was a prime reason why I drifted away from SWG, a reason why I stick with CoH, and the reason I’m working to build a Fleet for STO pre-launch).  Others are involved now with the SWG EMU.  Already starting to plan the succession for HS-S; if the time comes when I stop EVE entirely, I want to make sure that there is a CEO to take over.  Or failing that, fairly distribute the corporate assets among the membership.

That said, I wouldn’t be selling off the personal assets of my characters-I rarely burn my bridges so completely.  SWG being the sole exception, and even there it was primarily because they closed the server around the character.  Hell, even my Vanguard, LotRO, and WoW characters still exist, should I ever feel a desire to go back and revisit those games.

Bit of a ramble today, but there was a lot to think up, and with my short-term memory, it was probably best to get it all down before it leaked out of my ears.


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