STO Fever and other goodies

I checked my mail.  Still no beta invite for STO.  (Okay, I kind of knew that, and it actually doesn’t bother me, but I find it amusing anyway)

Nonetheless, I started poking around in the STO community, and they’ve done a helluva job with getting things set up with a limited amount of information.  There are two different wiki’s out for STO now; one is based on game information, and one is based on player-created content.  The first is not unusual; I’ve seen wiki’s for WoW and SWG and CoH.  The second is-the only thing I’d seen like it is the Virtueverse site for CoH.

Threads in the official forums exist for recruiting and advertising their Fleets (STO’s guild structure).

So, over the last month, I started setting up a site for an expected Fleet, building from the Hyperspace Outlaws alumni but planning to grow the population.  We figured on Horizon Fleet, because it would be a nice tie back to our origins in SWG (our guild’s city was Horizon, on Corellia).  Unfortunately, what I didn’t notice was another group putting a site together elsewhere with the same name.


Well, Horizon Fleet was, honestly, a name that was bound to be noticed by other people as a prospect.  While one could probably try to snag the name first in STO…what would be the point?  Hard feelings all around.  So I cast around, and came up with a new name.  The name has nothing even remotely related to the origins of the SWG guild, but maybe it’s better that way-get rid of some of the baggage.  So at this time, we’re establishing the Corps of Discovery.  And I’ve been working to increase its online footprint, with a post in the STO official forums and posts in that player-created content wiki I mentioned.  Ultimately, though, I think most of our recruiting will end up in-game.  There’s just too much signal to noise to compete with on the official forums.

Also of note:  Hero-Con wrapped over the weekend, a convention for the folks in CoH.  Details were released by the devs at Paragon Studios on the Going Rogue expansion, and they showed people a bit of the graphics upgrade that would be on-deck (if you had a card that could handle it).  My opinion?  I need a better graphics card now.  It looks damned good!  Also impressed with the mechanics being revealed for the side switching.  Seems like it’s a cycle:  hero->vigilante->villain->rogue->hero.  (I think I have the order right; I may have vigilante and rogue backwards, but the steps still hold true)  And I’ll admit the dual pistols powerset demonstrated was six shades of awesome to watch.  Not so sure if I’d roll a character with that set, but it was very eye catching.

Ah, who am I kidding?  I’d have to make one at some point, along with the demon summoning powerset.  No visuals on that one, but some art was shown.

Full disclosure:  I caught all this on youtube.  We never get the good stuff on the east coast.  I’m not bitter.  (Really)

Also enjoying CoH’s Halloween events this year.  The whole “Deadly Apocalypse” they’ve got going is in many ways better than the invasions, because they stress spreading out before coming together-which is probably easier on the servers.  That said:  we managed to kill Atlas Park on Virtue last week.  We broke it to the point where we only had Atlas Park 2 on the list of destinations.  We didn’t even get “Atlas Park: Full”; oh, no, we brought it to its knees.  I think that the devs should definitely devote a bit more server power to Atlas (and possibly the Cap on redside).


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