Villainy Rising

Last weekend was a very, very extended double xp weekend for City of Heroes.  It kicked off on Thursday, and extended through Monday.  In spite of the length of time, I didn’t have all THAT much time to get onto the game to push to 50 for anyone.  So I had to think of who would benefit most from my stable of characters.

The decision was actually pretty easy.  I looked to the villains.

In the last year or two, I’ve gotten about five or six heroes to level 50, but only one villain.  This was a disparity that I found somewhat intolerable.  Clearly, something had to be done!  So I decided that one of my evil villains would be the ones getting a shot to increase their power for wealth, power, and all that other good stuff.

My Crab Spider Soldier got the nod; one of the villain Epic ATs, I’d been wanting to bump his level up from his level 35 rut.  Plus, he was the lead of a villain group of alts of various people, and that meant he could use the prestige-which is basically the base version of currency-to increase the utility of the villain group base.  The various types of Arachnos Soldiers have a good rep in the game, so getting on a team wouldn’t be too onerous.

And so my Crab Spider climbed up to level 41, which-given the time I had to work with-was pretty respectable.  Plus, the prestige gained allowed me to get rid of all the starter toys in the villain group base and use better versions.  All things considered, he had a good run.

I also took a few minutes to get my robot mastermind-also a villain, of course-from 32 to 34.  Because everything is better with robots.

I anticipate another fun push somewhere along the line with my villains the next time double xp rolls around; while I spend most of my time with the heroes nowadays, I really shouldn’t neglect the gang who got me into the CoH universe in the first place.  Bring on the bad guys!


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