And Now, The End Is Near; And So I Face The Final Curtain

I got a message in my inbox yesterday that pointed me to a perhaps unsurprising post on the SWG forums.

For most of this year, SOE has been offering free character transfers off of low-population servers to higher ones.  They would insist, however, that they didn’t plan to close any servers down; the smarter people knew the truth, though.  That truth comes to fruition in mid-October:  those servers are being closed down for good.  The free transfer extends to then; then if you ever want the characters that might still be on those servers available to play again, you’ll pay an arm and a leg (compared to other MMOs, anyway).

The Apocalypse is coming to my home server of Corbantis.

At least, it was my home server, until I left the game and uninstalled it earlier this year.  I never took advantage of the free transfer, and I still won’t-even if SOE throws a last minute “come back” trial prior to let folks take the last chance to save the characters.  Coreth Landwalker was born on Corbantis, lived on Corbantis as a Master Ranger (no matter what else he became in that time), fought beside the Hyperspace Outlaws on Corbantis-and will fade away when Corbantis is no more.

It’s kind of a bittersweet ending, honestly.  Everything that was Corbantis effectively died a slow death after NGE; it wasn’t an instant passing, but that event eventually spelled doom for the server.  This, then, is the continuing result of the alienation of a bunch of players thanks to the NGE (and the CU before it, which paved the way)-and maybe to the trading card game now bundled with SWG (which I suspect is one of the things that keeps SWG afloat right now).

It’s a semi-painful prospect, knowing I’ll never be flying the YT-1300 again, or setting up a camp in the wilds of Dathomir; but then, I’d already resigned myself to that when I uninstalled the game.  This event is just an official acknowledgement of a truth that Coreth Landwalker knew.

There is no going back.  There is only going forward.


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