Speaking of 50s….

Another double XP weekend in CoH has come and gone, and once again, I managed to push a character to level 50.  Amazing Kane, the Adventurist, hit the magic number on Sunday.

For those keeping track, that makes him the sixth 50 I’ve gotten.  The hero/villain count is horribly imbalanced, though, as that makes five heroes and only one villain.  I should start spending a few weekends on the bad guys to help them out.  I think 33ish is the highest villain I’ve got, although I may have a couple other 30-32 villains.  They deserve their time in the sun!

Well, maybe not; sunlight isn’t good for these guys, anyways.

Also in the last week, the EVE corp decided to try out our first level 4 mission.  And making life really entertaining, it was the “Blockade” mission, which features hordes of ships.  A bunch of ’em were battleships.  But we figured we’d give it a try and see what happened.  We had two battleships, two battlecruisers, we figured we might be able to handle it.

We were right.  We lost a couple of drones, but aside from that, the mission was a rousing success.  I’m sure EVE vets aren’t that impressed, but it was our first time in a level 4, and we weren’t sure if our ships could take the pounding.  We worried for nothing, it seemed-we were able to switch off our tanking roles; one BS shield tanking, while mine armor tanked, and the two battlecruisers never had to worry about being alpha striked.  Bounties and loot/salvage sales were actually better profits than our mining nights profits.  Of course, it’s possible that was simply an aberration, but it was a positive step for our corp.

It was also encouraging to me as a single player; it demonstrated that I might be able to try my hand at taking on the level 4 on my own soon.  The key thing here is damage; while my ship can handle the damage, it isn’t QUITE where I want to be as far as delivering that damage.  Against battleship level foes, I’d really prefer to have tech 2 heavy drones available, but that’s going to literally take at least a couple months of training; need to get level 5 heavy drone operations, and level 4 of the various drone specializations in order to use the tech 2 versions.  The damage potential of those drones are crucial; I may be able to take a pounding for a short period, but if I can’t reduce the firepower with my own, it’ll end badly.


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