Dealing with Adversity (Or, “How Reichsman Kicked Our Butts”)

Once in a while, something happens to remind me that in CoH, the heroes can’t always succeed.  That happened over the weekend.

Had a good team of heroes doing the new Task Force, which featured the uber-bad-guy Reichsman, idol of Axis America.  While we had a bit of a hiccup early-the first mission in the TF included a villain who was notoriously hard to take down-we went through the missions fairly well, taking down the bad guys and hitting our objectives…all the way to the final battle:  Reichsman himself.

And that’s where it went pear shaped.  No matter how hard we hit the guy, his health-regeneration laughed off our attacks.  We never triggered any events based on his health dropping-he just beat us around silly.  Again and again and again.

Which led to the most unwelcome outcome of all-giving up.  Yes, technically, we could all have stayed on the TF, saving it for another day’s run, but that would mean we’d be effectively locked out from doing any other missions until we did-and getting everyone together for “round two” just wasn’t doable.

But the fact is:  it happens.  Especially if it’s the first time running the TF for most of the group.  You don’t know any strategies, you don’t know if you’ll need extra supports.  My first ITF in Cimerora turned out much the same; we went in, worked our way through the various challenges, got to the big bad, and couldn’t defeat him.  But that was the first time for that one, too.

Reading about a TF is one thing; to understand it requires one to experience it.

How would I do something differently?  I’d look for temp powers that would hose Reichsman’s regen, resistances, and the like.  It’s possible it still wouldn’t be enough; I’ve read all kinds of things about how long that fight could take.  But the odds would be a LOT better.

It wasn’t a total loss-for me, anyway.  Stellar Protector hit level 50 during that TF, making him my latest hero to hit max level.  For those keeping score, that makes about, oh, four level 50 heroes, 1 level 50 villain.  The bad guys really need more love.  (Add insult to injury:  I plan to get another hero real close to 50-if not actually achieving it-during the double xp weekend on deck; I just haven’t decided which hero, because there’s a few prospects)


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