Meanwhile, Back in the Jungle…

I’ve had my last few entries cover some larger thoughts on the whole MMO world, so I figure it’s about time to take a peek at how things are going with my own activities.

In City of Heroes, it’s looking a lot like my next level 50 is going to be Stellar Protector, co-leader of Hyperion Force.  He’s spent a whole bunch of time in the 40’s; it’s in part due to the fact that HF is a strong RP group, and half the time when he’s on it’s for the RP, not the missioning/leveling.  But sooner or later, it starts to accumulate, and it’s quite possible he’ll be getting that “Hero of the City” badge before month’s end.  Amazing Kane still hovers in the 40s, and he might be one of my next projects.  On the other hand:  the next couple of weekends are featuring a massive Rikti invasion (I want to try to get a character involved with the attack on the drop ships) and double xp weekend following, and I haven’t figured out who I want to make the center of attention there.

Meanwhile in the universe of EVE, I’ve been working on Zhaven and Coreth to continue accumulating the cash needed for an Orca.  I’ve gotten halfway to my estimated goals, although I may want to go for extra in case I need to replace the Hulk from a gank.  But the Hulk mining has gone pretty well, and Zhaven’s been training up skills towards getting tech 2 drones, armor hardeners, and armor reppers.  I want to make sure he can actually field a strong tank before I throw him into a level 4 mission with the expectation of coming out alive.

From a fictional standpoint, I reposted some long-deleted stories about the Old Ranger on the Union Supreme’s site (well, technically on a shared forums with the Adventurists, but that’s a detail), and will soon post up a Winter Tornado story that should make an interesting impact.  I recently threw a short one on the Hyperion Force site too; I don’t write much on that one because the stories there tend to come out in the RP.  I’ve also occasionally felt an itch to write up an SWG story featuring Zhaven Rel, if only I could squeeze in the time to outline and write it up.  Horizon’s collapse on Corbantis would seem like fertile ground for an idea I’d had….


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