The Architect Cometh

The Mission Architect has been out for a little over a week now, so it’s time for some personal observations.

Not on the Architect itself; I think I’ve pretty much covered that ground, and it’s come out of Test as strong as I’d hoped.  Room for improvement, but that’s almost always the case.  No, now it’s time to take a peek at the other half of that equation:  the creators of the missions.

Full disclosure:  I have avoided playing the “Devs’ Choice” arcs, because, really, there’s an incredibly limited number of those, and heaps missions out there that haven’t seen the tread of heroes (or villains, as the case may be).  So I sought out the stuff on pages hidden and obscure.  I also played some generated by members of assorted SGs I’m affiliated with.

And it seems to me that we have some distinct categories.

  • The SG RP arc.  I’ll admit to being in this category for what I’ve done-an arc that’s designed for a limited audience, furthering the story of a character and/or group.  The strength of these arcs are in the story (obviously), although they often rely heavily on custom groups, and as a result often end up as being overpowering.  Some, though, have managed to put together a pretty reasonable opposition-tough, but not excessively so.
  • The RP arc.  This is a catchall category for an arc that emphasizes story over mechanics-a story that fits within the game’s background (or failing that, a story that is easy to follow for anyone who plays-one that isn’t dependent on knowledge of any given SG).  It has most of the same strengths and weaknesses as the SG RP arc, but isn’t quite as common, yet.
  • The Vanity arc.  This is the type that you see a player throw in his own characters as allies and/or enemies in the game (or even as captives).  I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing, if the story is good.  Some folks will have their characters be rather condescending, though, and that’s not a good way to make prospective players happy.
  • The Farming arc.  Some folks don’t actually care about story-they want xp, inf, and MA tickets for reward rolls, and they want it now.  These tend to be one mission arcs, and loaded with whatever the creator could find that gives out lots of xp/second.  Tends to have the creativity of a stump.
  • The Humor arc.  Ah, now these can be either really stupid or really funny, depending on your sense of humor, time of day, and a bunch of other factors.  These often have custom enemies, but with an eye towards the strange and entertaining (Bikini Girls from Outer Space, for example).  Obviously, with humor, it’s a hit or miss thing-the folks who get it love ’em, the ones who don’t hate ’em.  And that varies wildly from funny arc to funny arc.

This really just scratches the surface; but so far, the above broad categorizations seem to cover most of what I’ve seen.  We’re still very early into things with MA, and I doubt the ideas have been tapped out yet.

In the world of EVE, I’ve been kicking around direction for Coreth.  I’ve been training lately towards mining barges, with an eye to eventual exhumers and hulks.  But, being a support oriented guy that I am, I’ve recently thrown my eye over at the Orca.  My skills are actually reasonably close to being able to train the skill to enable flight on these things.  As usual, the big stumbling block is cash-and it makes hulk cash look puny.  But…it would be of considerable help in fleet mining ops; it’s something I’ll need to do more research on.

Fortunately, the decision to go for it is still ahead of me.  I’ll need to have mining barge 5 to fly the thing, and I’m nowhere near that as of yet.  Once I get that trained up, THEN I can determine my best move…and see where my isk reserves are at.


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