A Hit, a Miss, and Something Else

As hoped for, Winter Tornado hit level 50 in CoH/V last week, expanding the count to three heroes, one villain at the top level in the game.  Those bad guys have got to start working out a bit more if they want to remain viable crooks….  WT did so by fighting the Rularuu in the Shadow Shard, on his own; since most of his career had been solo, it felt right to hit his moment of triumph that way.  Now I’m planning on having the character get all the history badges, and possibly exploration badges in the city; and if I can pull it, the AV badge (it seems I somehow missed Anti-Matter, which is going to be a pain).

Digressing into EVE, I learned that having a battleship isn’t the same as using it well.  Took that puppy into a level 2 mission, and almost had my head handed to me.  I couldn’t kill the cruisers fast enough, which was disturbing; large rails just weren’t doing appreciable damage, and it seemed like no set of drones could offer much in the way of sustainable offense.  I came out with enough damage on the ship to cost more than the rewards the mission offered-including bounties.  Ouch.  I might have to do some research; it’s possible my weapons and armor weren’t geared to the specific opponent, which meant I wasn’t doing the damage I could, or resisting what I should.  And of course, it’s also possible that Zhaven’s skills aren’t up to snuff quite yet.  When the skill queue comes rolling into EVE next week, Z’s gonna give it a helluva work out.

Moving back into the big news of the week in CoH:  detailed info of the Mission Architect came out!  And honestly, it compares very well with the SWG Storyteller system.  While you can’t place things in the game “world” as you can with Storyteller, you can build mission arcs nearly as customized as what the devs put together-including your own custom villains and villain groups!  How big is all this?  Big enough that for the first time since the NGE in SWG, I may go into the test region when open beta hits to see what’s what.  Given my experiences with test environments, that’s saying something.  I’m chomping at the bit to work with this thing-this is as big a deal as anything I can think of in an MMO right now, and while I have some issues with how it’s being implemented, they pale in comparison with the possibilities available!  They claim it’ll be Live by the end of March, and I rather hope that’s true-because it’s gonna be hard to wait for this Issue to go Live.


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