Two significant milestones-one in each of the MMOs I play-have either been hit or are likely to hit by the end of the week.

In EVE, I finally got around to putting Zhaven in his battleship.  Granted, it wasn’t the Megathron I’d been working towards, but a Dominex; the reasoning (which I really should have reasoned out a lot sooner) was that once I made up the difference in ISK between the cost for a Dom and a Mega, I’d sell the Dom on the market.  I expect to lose cash on the sale, but not too much.  But this allows me to start testing the waters.  I should have all the skills trained for the fittings I’ve used by Thursday, and will see just how it handles itself.

In CoH/V, another character is a stone’s throw away from 50; another Defender, Winter Tornado, is sitting at about 30-40 percent away from hitting the big number, from his current level 49.  I expect him to hit that level in the Shadow Shard zone doing missions there.  I didn’t want him to hit anonymously, like Agent Repulse did, but didn’t have a story arc that really fit like the Ranger or Ebon where it would really resonate to hit top level during it.  But the character’s backstory is that he’s a world traveler as well as an author and blogger, so the Shard seemed like a reasonable place for him to stand out-in my mind, anyway.

Not too much else to report at the moment, although the Hyperion Force RP is going well; I’ve managed to advance Stellar Protector’s storyline a bit last week, but it’s grand finale will need to wait for the Mission Architect to hit in Issue 14…in closed beta now!


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