Story Time!

One of the things that brought me to the Virtue server on CoH/V was the fact that it is regarded as the unofficial Roleplaying server.Prior to that point, all my characters had been on Protector, and I had been using a villain as my main character (plus, this was before the altitis smacked me down hard).  Didn’t team much, both because of nature and because of the fact that stalker characters at the time were viewed as being more or less worthless (which I personally disagreed with).  Eventually, when I decided to roll up a character based on Coreth Landwalker, I decided to see just what life was like on the RP server of choice.  And I never looked back.

It’s a rather fun environment if you can get into a supergroup that RPs.  It’s a lot like acting a part in a movie or play, and if you happen to be somewhat creative (yeah, modesty is my middle name), you can really sink your teeth into it.

Still, one of the things I’d noticed on many SGs was something I hadn’t had a chance to experience.

These SGs set up storylines for their group; in other words, instead of the improv, you get the serials.  I had only been involved with one in the last year, and even that was more or less on the edges.  I’ll spare the details on that, since they aren’t that important.  There were other opportunities, but most of them occurred long after I had logged for the night.

Recently, however, things have changed up a bit.  My Hyperion Force character is now involved in a couple of SG storylines, one as a participant, and one in which I’ve been approached to develop-a scary prospect.  I’ve not done this kind of thing since…well, almost ever, really.  I can write a story, but setting up an RP arc is a whole different situation.  To make life more entertaining, my Adventurist character-and me as a player-is helping set the stage for the entire SG’s primary storyline.  Sometimes, I wonder if I’ve gone way, way, waaaay over my head on this one.

But if I crash and burn on this, at least it’ll be fun to watch.

I have made an impact in one area-the designation of Wednesday nights as “villain night”.  I’d long made that evening my primary night for a bad guy, because I enjoy the villains as much as the heroes.  But until recently, the people I SG and often team with didn’t really enjoy that.  In part, it’s because of altitis; everyone always playing someone new.  But by establishing my presence on Wednesdays on the redside, it’s shown that there’s at least ONE person who is happy to RP and team with at least on one night of the week.  And it’s now at the point where two different SG’s have incorporated Villain Night into their thought processes, in part to further SG storylines or character storylines-and this means several possible characters walking on the Dark Side one night out of the week.  It’s good to be bad, sometimes.

Moving away from the super-heroic universe, and out into space, Coreth Walker should be getting his level 4 cloaking skill sometime early Friday, which will allow me to install the proper cloaking device on his covert ops ship.  I still have to purchase the device, but that’s a minor issue at best.  The cash is there-I just want to try to get some more to buffer so I can still engage in trade without tapping corporate resources to do so.  Once Coreth’s set, I plan to switch the training over to Zhaven, who needs HEAPS of isk for his battleship goals.  One bright spot on that is that he finally got access to a level 2 contact that isn’t in low-sec.  I’ve moved him over to that system, and hopefully the missions won’t LEAD into low-sec.  Then we’ll see if the cash flow on his side improves.  And if it DOES improve greatly, then he may very well end up helping finance a certain character’s freighter dreams (I still haven’t totally given up on that one).


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