Dropping the Ball

Last entry, I talked about the “joy” of juggling time between various MMO commitments.  It prompted me to take stock of things, and in the end, I decided to start massive consolidation with my CoH/V characters.

The first step was to remove Armored Battalion from the Justiciars, effectively ending my participation in the SG.  There were other reasons as well, which really don’t need to be detailed.  He would have been removed anyway, due to the next step, but this way I was able to leave on…well, decent terms, I guess.

The second step was to effectively put a freeze on major advancement for most of the many characters I’ve got.  Armored Battalion being one of them.  At this point, I will be concentrating on two heroes:  Amazing Kane of the Adventurists (which seem to finally be moving forward with a story), and Stellar Protector of Hyperion Force (who’s been involved with a story from almost the moment he joined).  I will still have a “villain night”, but the bad guy I use will be tailored to whoever else may be online and running bad guys; if they’re low level and want to stick with the low level stuff, I’ve got villains in that range.  If they want to play with the big boys, Ebon is always available.  I’ve got enough villains in a wide range of levels that if someone else is there, I can team with them comfortably.

So at the moment, it’s looking like-as a general rule, Tuesdays will be Amazing Kane’s day, Wednesdays will be “Villain Night”, and Thursdays will be Stellar Protector’s turn.  Friday I’m usually out (there IS such a thing as real life), and weekends tend to be potluck-whichever of the two heroes I feel like.  Monday will be my one concession to to my other characters, as those nights are abbreviated since I watch the Heroes program.

Of course, even this schedule is adaptable to change depending on events in-game with the Adventurists and/or Hyperion Force.

I haven’t mentioned EVE yet, though, and I’m pretty happy where that’s going.  It’ll be the early evening activity for me, while later evening will be CoH/V, thus maintaining activity in that MMO as well.  I’m about two days away from learning the Cloaking skill, and it will take around a couple weeks to get to Cloaking IV, which will allow me to outfit the covert ops ship with the appropriate cloaking device.  I did use Zhaven a bit recently, and turned in over ten million ISK worth of salvage (I’d been saving).  Since his target is a battleship next, he’s going to be needing a LOT of ISK to purchase (although not nearly as much as Coreth would need for that freighter; I haven’t forgotten about that).


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