Resistance was Futile

CoH/V released the add-on Cyborg Pack yesterday.  For those unfamiliar, it’s basically a bit of fluff for about ten dollars.  The pack included costume pieces that are “Cyborg” related, a special “Self-Destruct” power that blows you up (with resulting abuse to those unfortunate to be around you), and custom emotes.  This kind of thing was done once before, with a Wedding Pack in February (celebrating the marriage of two of the signature characters); that had sold well enough, and it was more fluff than this pack.  With a Cyborg pack, the devs could be assured that people WOULD buy it; more likely to find people wanting to use that kind of costume part than a tuxedo or wedding dress part (some folks find a way, though!).

I was one of them; and I wasn’t sorry at all.  I’ve got characters who would benefit from all aspects of the pack-and I can think up concepts for others.  It was worth the price in my opinion.

One of the debates that rolled around when the Wedding Pack rolled around was that the devs would no longer be releasing new costume parts/powers/emotes/goodies for free, but I think they’ve proven that they are still committed to the quality content with the normal publishes.  Nothing they’ve sold for extra could be considered unbalancing to the game; no special powers that are “Must Haves” for the PvP crowd.  (Self Destruct is hardly unbalancing-you are KILLING YOURSELF!!!!)  It’s fluff, but it’s neat fluff.  As long as this isn’t their sole business model for the future, I don’t see it as being any worse than vet rewards that I’ll never see.

EVE continues to roll on; almost finished with Electronic Upgrades, which I may delay completing to work on Frigate; this is primarily to ensure I don’t have any downtime where I’m not actually training.  I’ll see how close I can get it.  Then it comes down to purchasing the skill books for covert ops and cloaking, and starting those skills.  I think I’m looking at late next week for being able to fly a covert ops; cloaking not long after (although I need the top level in that skill to use a more appropriate cloaking device).

Very soon now, I’m gonna have to learn to use probes, and start my exploration.

Zhaven got to the point of being able to access a level 2 agent, but since the agent is in .1 space, I’ve kind of decided to stick with the current level 1 guy.  I’m in no hurry.


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