Hyperion Force

Not horribly long after I posted the last entry here, I deleted Galactic Protector because I really didn’t feel like folks confusing him for a send-up of the Galactic Protectors SG.  He was only level 8, so I didn’t exactly lose sleep over it.  I did take careful note of the costume options chosen, though, because I shortly recreated him as Stellar Protector.  My thesaurus is now recuperating from the abuse I heaped on it.

At this time, the character joined the Hyperion Force SG; the SG leadership recently changed hands, and it had been more or less dormant for a while (or at least that’s the impression I’d gotten), and the player behind the SG was one I’d gotten along with pretty well in-game.  He asked if I’d be interested in giving it a shot, as he had some RP ideas he wanted to throw around, and given his history in that kind of thing, I was.  It helps that the Adventurists seem to be in a holding pattern at the moment, and the Justiciars are…somewhere.  So it’s not like I have a lot on the plate RP wise.  I’ve got ideas for this character, too, so we’ll see where this goes.

EVE-wise, Coreth has nailed down all the learning skills he needs to shrink his time to some extent for his exploration skills, and has started the hard sciences learning.  Cash for the upper end stuff still needs to be accounted for, but I feel that once I put some time in, it shouldn’t be a major issue.  This is especially true since Zhaven has finally gotten access to a higher-quality level 1 agent for missions, and the payouts promise to be better.  I’m not sure when level 2 agents become available, but I am continuing to keep an eye out for them when they roll around.  Once Coreth finished up his exploration skill set, it’ll be time for Zhaven to start working towards battleships and the black-ops ship (which will be a fairly big cash drain right there).  Once THAT is done…then we’ll see where the cash flow is at, and I’ll start looking at the freighter issue once more.


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