Exploration Time

On EVE-side, I took the time this week to buff up Zhaven’s skills.  Got his Sciences and Targeting skills up (as well as a few other incidentals that I had books for and the prereqs nailed down for), so I could outfit his Catalyst destroyer with three salvagers, and five tractor beams (beams courtesy of the Master Crafter, Pizmo).  The combination works great-the tractor beams grab any wreck within 20km and brings it around 500m away-easy distance to pull any loot, and way more than enough to use the salvagers on.  Thanks to the targeting skill, I can target five objects, and so I can use the tractors, five at a time.

Once I did that, I’ve started the over-month-long journey of training Coreth to use the Covert Ops frigate; this time will also include getting the Cloaking skill to use its most valuable ability.  In the interim, I should be able to gain the cash for the ship, the skill books, and hopefully the appropriate level cloaking device.  At that point, I should be set to attempt the exploration part of the game.  I may pick up an interim ship to test this kind of thing out in hi-sec space, but not until I get some of the skills worked out.  Between Zhaven’s mission-running, and Coreth’s mining/trading, I’m hoping that isk won’t be an issue.

CoH/V side, I’ve unsurprisingly blown my resolution to use only one hero per week.  I suck.  Armored Battalion got some time, but circumstances beyond my control limited my time last week.  The Chamberlain is close to a new level, if I recall.  Also made a new character heroside called Galactic Protector, who I may use for someone’s RP storyline.  Funny thing is:  apparently, there’s an SG on Virtue ALSO called Galactic Protectors.  I think they thought at first I made the character to grief them or mock them or something.  Just goes to show that good names are hard to find.  I haven’t decided if I’ll wipe the toon and rename him, keeping the same costume (I’m sure not spending cash to rename someone of that low a level).


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