The Mark of Kane (and Incidental Ship Wreckage)

I think I’ve finally settled into a general pattern with my CoH/V characters.

Thanks to the cruel disease of altitis, I’ve been flailing around with a large number of characters lately, with the result that progress on all of them has been somewhat less than terrific.  So, I decided to rotate the heroic characters on a weekly basis.  To wit:  last week was Amazing Kane’s week, and although he didn’t make too much in the way of levels, he did get a couple.  This week will feature Armored Battalion, where I hope to have a smidgen more success.  I haven’t figured on who will get chosen next week, but Agent Repulse is a strong contender, as is Magic’s Shadow.  I may flip a coin.

Wednesday is still what I consider “Villain Night”, and the choices are primarily Devil’s Chamberlain and Operative Rostov, although a couple other possibilities are available now.  Weekends tend to be potluck; whatever I feel like playing, with attention being paid to the more neglected characters-hero or villain.  With any luck, this will put in some stability.  I can only hope.

In EVE, I got to experience the first ship loss at last.  I blame myself; I was in my Iteron III hauling some polytextiles (I think) for sale in a low-sec area.  I got nailed by a warp disrupter or whatever those things are called, and a pair of ships blew me away.  Estimated loss:  1.6 million, which does not include the three cargo expanders and three giant secure containers.  Ship cost wasn’t a big deal-that was why I have insurance.

Painful, but not overly so.  Because I was two days away from finishing Gallente Indy V.  I’ve now upgraded to an Iteron V, with five cargo expanders and eight giant secure containers.  At this point, I can move the contents of a single jetcan, provided no one item is over 3900m3 in size.  I can get reasonably close otherwise if I leave the containers at dock.  So now I’ve got three paths before me, as far as training goes.  I can go for the freighter, as originally planned.  The problem there is that I have nowhere near the money to do so.  I can work on transport ships; my recent loss there showed me the wisdom of blockade running ships-can’t carry as much, but I’d have quite possibly gotten away if I’d been using that.  Or I can work on covert ops frigates, to prep for an exploration play style-which is the option I’m leaning towards.

First, though, I’m having my alt get some basic training for his salvaging, increasing his targeting skill so he can more efficiently salvage ships, and train up to tractor beams, so he won’t have to travel so far for the wrecks.  Should have that wrapped by this weekend, at least skill-wise.  We’ll see where things shake out for equipment.


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