The Calm After the Storm

The underused characters of CoH/V have gotten to a couple milestones.  Armored Battalion recently hit 29, which puts him one level short of the aura missions.  I haven’t actually decided if he’ll have one, but since he’s not a cape wearer, I figured I may go with an aura of some kind.

Magic’s Shadow hit 38, which give him access to the Eclipse power, which should work out really well with the whole double-mire strategy for a Warshade.  Although given the horrid recharge on it, looks like it’ll be getting heavily slotted for attack speed reductions.

Winter Tornado didn’t hit a milestone, but since he hit 32 last week, I wanted to try some of his new toys.  I’ve decided that he can definitely be a force of chaos; throw in a lightning storm, tornado, hurricane, and more directed attack powers, and confusion will reign on a battlefield.  Looking forward to advancing him further, but it’s always a random question as to what character gets played when.

In EVE, Coreth has begun his 20+ day training period for Gallente Industrial V, and now it’s time for him to work to accumulate hundreds of millions of ISK for the training books he needs, and for the actual freighter that is his goal.  Not to mention insuring the bloody thing.  Because there is NO way I’m going out in that ship without insurance.  The goal is difficult, but I believe I should be able to get the money for the training books by the time I finish the current training period.  Freighter costs are a different story.

All told, it’s been a fairly quiet week for me.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


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