It’s Double!

Double XP weekend in CoH/V has come and gone.  As with the last time it happened, the server I played on got slammed hard; life on a high-pop server does have its difficulties.

While I did not get any characters to 50 (or anywhere near it) this time around, a couple of underused characters made good progress.  My first hero, Agent Repulse, was able to reach level 40.  Now he can start haunting the Peregrine Island region on a regular basis.  Winter Tornado also got props, jumping from about 25 to level 32; I really wanted to get that Lightning Storm power.  As it was on the very tail end of my leveling, don’t know how it looks yet, but I anticipate great amusement.

Sadly, the villains got shorted this time.  Next double xp weekend, I think I’ll go bad-guy exclusive; the Devil’s Chamberlain DID get some play, but he didn’t get very far; two, maybe three levels.

EVE has not been neglected.  Two former Outlaws have given the trial a try, but it’s too early to see if they’ll stick around.  Zhaven finally finished outfitting his Throax; I chose to go with a light railgun to supplement the mediums.  That ship just destroys the level 1 missions he’s done thus far.  One volley of those guns, and rats go “boom”.  All the while the drones wreak their own brand of havoc.  Coreth on the other hand is deep into mining/training.  Thanks to a player application “Eve-Mon”, I’ve been able to calculate that he could potentially be skilled enough to fly a freighter in slightly over a month.  That’s just…wow.  Of course, the key stumbling block here is cash; it costs a heap to get all the skill books needed, and it will cost a heap to get the ship.  But I’ve done some calculations, and I don’t believe it is a showstopper.  I’ll be mining like crazy for the next month, though.

2015 edit:  Man, that was crazy optimism.  On the other hand, it worked out for the best…


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