Well, broke down and bought some more memory for my PC.  And what a difference doubling the memory can make!

Before:  EVE was “classic” graphics; going near a Wentworth’s or Black Market in CoH/V invariable created hang time that any NFL kicker would envy.  Lag spikes everywhere.

After:  Put EVE in “premium” graphics, and man, the ships look even better!  No more hang time going near WW/BM!  Lag has been minimal at best.  Good heavens, wish I’d done it sooner!  Heck, I could probably reinstall Vanguard and actually have it function worth a damn, or even try a trial for Age of Conan if/when it becomes available!  (Not likely to happen-I’ve got enough on the plate)

As far as the games themselves.  I’ve been spreading myself a bit thin in CoH/V-hit a character one day, a different one the next, not really concentrating on any of them.  Even on my “villain night”, I go between a few different bad guys.  Slow going, as a result.  On the other hand, I keep thinking that I’m going to get eight or nine characters to 50 simultaneously as a result…  I might have to start narrowing down who I use during the week and stick with that.  Of course, my resolve has been weak in this before.  I’m beginning to think the Ranger and Ebon were aberrations.

On the EVE front, my main character picked up an industrial ship, so I could conceivably do some jetcan mining; cutting out the huge back and forth really makes a difference!  But-it COULD be stolen.  Ah, the element of risk!  Also started fiddling with contracts.  More to say on THAT subject next time, perhaps.  My secondary guy upgraded to a destroyer; he’s the guy who’s going to be doing the “kill kill kill” missions in game.  We’ll see how things develop.


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