Settling in for a stay

After a week of fiddling with EVE, I decided that I’ll stay a while.  I’ll be taking it month by month, but I’ve enjoyed my time enough there that I’m liable to stick around.  This is, however, an additional drain on funds-so something had to go.

It was at this point where I realized I hadn’t even logged into SWG for well over a month.  With a bit of regret, I ended the sub there.  Given a reason, it won’t take much at all to get me to re-up for a month, but I suspect those reasons will be few and far between.

In the CoH/V front, things are going decently.  Run into a few folks from my SWG days recently; tried the Imperious TF and had my head handed to me in the last battle (it was almost Positron-like in length, which was a bad sign; it’s really irritating to hear folks completing it in 2-3 hours).


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