Bloody settings….

Been a while since I’ve updated, so here we go.

On the CoH front:  we finally got our SG prestige totals back, so now the base architects are plotting the rebuilding of our SG base.  There’s still some drama going on (the downside of being an officer is dealing with it), but for the most part things have finally settled down.

On the SWG front…well, nothing, really.  Back to the cold spell, I guess.  Community really does make a difference, sad to say.  But I still keep an eye on the SWG forums, so I stay current, and once and a while I do get the urge to hop in the Distant Horizons and do my thing.

For those wondering about my choice of entry title:  apparently, GuildPortal decided to fiddle with things that effectively made all my entries white text on white background.  I probably shouldn’t look a gift blog in the mouth and all, but it was a bloody pain to get the settings fixed both here and at the Old Ranger’s In-Character blog.  I’ll concede that the new parts look fun-I see that the most recent list exists now, and we seem to have an ability to categorize (in theory-I haven’t seen how to make THAT happen yet).  So I can’t say I hate it-just hated to fix everything.


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