The Magic of Task Forces (or Strike Forces)

Last weekend, I participated in a Task Force in CoH.  And had a fun time, doing it.

This may require some explanation.

In City of Heroes, the missions (or quests) come in certain varieties.  Most common are the contact missions; you go to a contact, he gives you a mission.  You do the mission, you get the xp.  Some of these missions lead to other missions, in a chain of missions called a story arc.  At the end of the arc, you get more xp, and possibly something neat too (recipe, enhancement, geared to your level).

Some contacts, though, are Task Force contacts.  They’ll give you a story arc of missions (and these are repeatable arcs), but they’ll insist you have a certain number of people.  One might require 4, another 6, and another a full group of 8.  Those are minimums, so you can have full groups of 8 for any of the TFs.  The arcs usually award badges to those who complete them-and the stories tend to be good, and…well, some of them give a feeling of awesome to them.  And some don’t.

The ones I’ve done so far are all I have to compare with, so here are my impressions.

Positron’s TF is, honestly, one I’d have to be talked into doing again.  It was the most painfully long one I’ve done so far, taking upwards to 4-5 hours.  The storyline was ok, but it suffers from being one of the earliest TFs developed.  It shows.  I don’t recall any unique maps to the missions, either, so it doesn’t really have anything that I’d call a stand-out moment.

Numina’s TF was better.  Took a couple hours, maybe two-and a half; it’s the only TF I’ve done twice (once with random group, one with a bunch of Justiciars).  I wouldn’t call any maps unique on this one, but it does feature a grand tour of the city, and a fight with a monster at the end that’s worth seeing.  On the other hand, the latter part of the TF takes place in the Eden zone, which I hate almost above all others (Perez Park is a close contender).  Still, the fight with the monster Jurrasik qualifies as a stand-out moment for me.

The next TF I’d done was Lady Grey’s TF.  This took a few hours, maybe up to four; honestly don’t recall for certain.  It was all kinds of fun, though.  Ignoring the fact that my character’s backstory is all about Rikti fighting, the TF featured the return of survivors from a great battle in game lore, and a MASSIVE fight with two seriously epic opponents (epic in storyline, not necessarily in raw power-although neither was something you just laugh off).  And there were a couple unique maps to boot.

The last and most recent one I’ve completed was the Hess TF.  This one was done in a couple hours, and was a serious bit of fun; definitely had unique maps, and featured a HUUUUGE robot (which would’ve been neat to see if active, but was still pretty cool).  And just when you thought the TF is over…there’s one more little surprise awaiting.

All the TF’s I’ve run were pretty fun (even if Posi’s was way too long), and I’d enjoy running more of them.  I’d also probably enjoy trying Strike Forces, the version the villains have, but as I’m not a part of any support group there, I’ll satisfy myself with the TFs heroside.


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