Alert! Incoming Rant!

If you read a game’s forums, you’ve already seen them.  God help you, you’ve probably seen them.  They’re the people for whom, no matter what the game’s devs do, no matter what they try to accomplish, nothing is ever good enough.  The ones who have an over-inflated sense of entitlement.

(I may have other names for such people, but honestly?  I run a clean blog….)

In SWG, those individuals swarmed the Jedi boards, with some spillover onto other ones.  The Jedi should be better than any other class; they should be able to be completely invisible all the time; they should be able to defeat bounty hunters blindfolded with both hands tied behind their back hopping on one leg while wielding the lightsaber with their other foot.  (It is possible I may be exaggerating slightly)  It got worse when NGE rolled around, with the whole “Elder Jedi/NGE Jedi” fiasco.  One side squealing, “We should get Elder Robes!  We’ve been here as long as most of the Elder Jedi now!”, the other whining, “Our Elder Robes should be the best-forever and ever and ever!  Don’t you dare make anything better!”  Every time I went to read anything in the Jedi boards, I came out feeling unclean and needing a bath.

The entitlement seems to go beyond the Jedi, though.  The vet rewards are my favorite example.  For the folks who haven’t been around, it’s unfair that they can’t get the rewards until years ahead (could be they figure the game doesn’t HAVE years left, but that’s another story for another blog).  Then you have the vets who complain that the rewards being offered at the longest end aren’t “good enough” for them.

I wish I could say that this was limited to SWG.  But it isn’t.  City of Heroes/Villains has also demonstrated such…stuff.  I’ll start out with the Villains.  Villains have claimed to be ignored and blown off for Issue after Issue, in favor of Hero-centric content in those releases.  Sure, the content released has been co-op related for the most part, but much of it put Villains acting…well, heroically.  A bigger injustice, as far as the Villains were concerned involved Epic Archetypes.  When a player reaches level 50 on a hero, he unlocks the ability to make a Heroic Epic Archetype character (which should not be read as “uber”; it relates to an ongoing storyline for the character throughout his career).  Villains who got to 50 got…a rock.  (I exaggerate again; a rock would’ve actually indicated they got something at all)

But with the next Issue, the Villains will finally get theirs; based on the Arachnos organization, the Wolf Spiders and Blood Widows.  And what was the first post after the dev post announcing it and the basic details?  “Disappointing”.

Disappointing.  Knowing almost no details on the subject, and the devs got that.  Later posts talked about how they didn’t want to be “lackeys of Arachnos”, didn’t want to be the “minions that everyone bumps off on their way to 50”.  Without knowing a thing about storyline or what have you.  I can’t understand it; these are obviously people who saw Darth Vader in Star Wars and figured he was just a minion.  Never mind the fact that he ended up the second most powerful person in the Empire, and that nobody in their right minds would call him “lackey” or “minion” to his face.

I won’t go into the kind of things I read in the World of Warcraft forums, back when I played there; just assume that it made the Jedi boards look tame at times.  I don’t actually recall seeing anything similar on Lord of the Rings Online, but to be fair, I spent very little time reading those forums.  I can’t speak to Vanguard’s at all.

And it occurs to me that the forum moderators/community reps for these games deserve one hell of a round of applause for not going insane from all these players.  And the devs-no matter how I might disagree with some of them (eg:  NGE)-deserve a hand for continuing to bring out updates and content for their games, free of extra charge.  No, don’t hand me any BS about your 15 dollar a month fee-that’s server access, storage fee for your character and all his/her “stuff”.  Nowhere does it say that your 15 dollars a month entitles you to regular updates of any kind.  Granted, a game that doesn’t do this may find itself hemorrhaging customers, but that’s very little to do with extra development; it’s about maintenance and payroll.

In spite of the crazy folks, the devs manage to crank out assaults on Star Destroyers, Rikti Mother Ships, Black Temples and all kinds of other things.  And I know there are a lot of folks who appreciate that the devs put their work into building on their game.  I want to take this opportunity to say to them:  “Thanks.  We can be a pretty ungrateful lot, but we can also be a pretty grateful one, too.  Thanks for making these worlds we can spend our time in.”


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