The Bad Guy Gets His

As expected, Ebon reached level 50 in CoV over the weekend.  As with the Ranger, his level kicked in at a thematically appropriate moment; as the Ranger got his fighting his personal nemeses, Ebon got his showing Lord Recluse (THE archvillain of CoV) who was the boss.  Well, a future version of Recluse.  Well, he had some help, too-but that made Recluse even nastier; when you have a full group, Recluse goes from being an elite boss-tough under many circumstances-to an Archvillain, which REALLY takes work.

And since it was going to be rough anyway, we kicked the difficulty to max.  The xp bonus put Ebon over the top.

Now, Ebon’s goal is to tag some of those accolade badges which can give him some additional buffs.  Unfortunately, one of them requires 5 hours of time in a PvP zone.  Folks who know me know just how much I ADORE PvP (that’s sarcasm, folks!), and under most circumstances I’d say the Hell with it.  But-Ebon’s a Stalker, which gives him substantial stealth.

This is a significant detail for two reasons.  One:  heroes HATE Stalkers.  With a passion.  I noticed a similar feeling towards Rogues in WoW; any class that can attack from stealth and do massive damage-potentially killing an enemy before he can strike back-tends to develop a lot of hate.  As a result, if a Stalker gets found, a hero will try very, very hard to take him down.  Two:  since I loathe PvP, the stealth allows me to do something very different-stay out of the way.  I’ve observed some interesting fights, and the PvP zone has some fun NPC battles to watch as well when things get mixed up.  I’m a little over halfway on my quota, but I’ll be very, very glad when it’s done.

The Ranger got some weekend time too, managed to participate in a couple Rikti Mother Ship raids in the RWZ.  If I can pull it off, I’ll do it again tonight; but that’ll be tricky, since the zone tends to fill fast.  If I can’t, I’ll find something else-either with him or one of the alt characters I’ve got out there.


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