Closing Out the Year

Just a final update for 2007.

Haven’t done heaps with Kallatarr “the Compassionate” (yes, it’s an inside joke); he’s in his mid twenties as far as levels go, but I’ve not logged in the character for a while.  The guild hasn’t really grown any further, and is unlikely to do so; so I’m uncertain just how much effort I’m going to continue to put into Kallatarr when I get the same amount of communications on Corbantis with Coreth and Zhaven.  It’s a decision I’ll make sometime in the new year.

The Old Ranger is stubbornly hanging short of level 38, where he’ll finally get the Stamina power; that should help his ability to last through a combat dramatically.  The Winter Event has begun there, and he’s done a bit of badge collecting-some with the help of Liberty Rose and Major Victorious.  An old friend popped into the game recently, and I’ve hung with him a bit as well.  I did end up writing a new story for the Ranger on the Justiciars site, which allowed me to put one of his demons to rest.

Ebon Thunderbolt isn’t quite to 41 yet, but he’s getting there.  He hasn’t seen much play, since the Ranger is still in the “main” status, but he’s done enough to keep him active.  My Protector toons got a boost recently when a gift of Prestige to all the game’s supergroups was applied-twice; so I made the heroside characters base an actually somewhat functional one (but it still needs work), while the villainside ones had a major upgrade where it can do some serious expansion if I ever get heavy with those characters again.

I hope everyone-from the Hyperspace Outlaws to the Justiciars, from the old Resurrection guild in WoW to the folks I met in LotRO-has a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


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