The Migration

It seems the effort to relocate to Bria is nearly complete.  As far as I can tell, the majority of Outlaws willing to give Bria a shot have now made characters over on that server.  We put together a mini-city on Naboo, which is to say a straight collection of houses.  Bria is capped, as I understand it, so it’s not officially a city, but it at least consolidates our location.  It’s reasonably close to a shuttle; we did longer rides to and from Horizon before it had gotten a shuttle.

The next part will be to determine what to do with these new characters.  There’s a strong sentiment towards starting a new guild; we’ve technically done so by calling ourselves the Hyperspace Refugees.  However, the question at hand is if that’s a good idea?  Recruitment has to happen or we won’t have changed a thing.  Merging with another guild is another choice, but we’d need to find a guild that shared our values (our very, very WIDE variety of values).

It’s a question we have yet to answer with conviction.

Kallatarr, my smuggler there, has managed to climb to about level 16ish (can’t recall off the top of my head), and just recently finished squill diving-and started the Hero of Tat quest which he’s going to stay away from for now.  Not quite done with the Tat part of Legacy, but he’s doing ok; he’ll be starting the Jabba part once I do a bit of Smuggler’s Alliance flying and get set for that.  I figure it might be a good idea to have landing rights when the time comes.  I AM dreading the Naboo part of Legacy, though-there were a couple quests that drove me nuts there.

In other news:  the Halloween event in CoH/V is finally over, and rumor has it that Issue 11 will kick in approximately Thanksgiving time.  The Old Ranger and Ebon Thunderbolt saw some play time over the last week, although none are at leveling stage yet.  LotRO seems to be sliding down the time scale, as SWG has surged a bit again.


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