Chapter Seven and Movement

A few things of note.

Chapter 7 rolled in on SWG yesterday, and so far, pretty decent.  The big draw for me, of course, was Aurilia and seeing how it’s changed.  Seems the folks there have built a pretty good sized town behind that misty wall of fog.  I do hate the transport options; it’s good if you’re going from Corellia to Aurilia, or Theed, or Mos E, but heaven help you if you want to get from one of the Dath ports to Aurilia.  It ain’t happening.  That drives me nuts, but you do what you can.

The discussions about the guild move to Bria continues apace, with things slowly beginning to solidify.  I spent yesterday with Coreth, but I expect that he’ll slowly fall by the wayside as the Bria project goes full tilt.

Speaking of Coreth…now that I’ve seen the new Aurilia, and gotten a number of screenshots for reference, it’s time to throw this up.

Final Reckoning2


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