The Passing of the Hyperspace Outlaws

It was coming for a while, but the last week pretty much sealed it.  The Hyperspace Outlaws guild in SWG-Corbantis is beginning to pick up stakes.

As usual, it was Pizmo who saw it coming (well, so did I, but it’s good to get second opinions), but the ball started rolling quickly from there.  He recognized that we no longer had a “critical mass” of people, that we could generally count on empty friends lists whenever we logged in, and with discouragement log back out.  The server isn’t in that hot shape either, which lends to the feeling that growth is impossible.

After that, the posts started rolling in.  Some cancelling, some just simply keeping the account but spending most of their time elsewhere, some using characters in another-presumably more active-server.  Tidal’s acknowledgement of the end was the big tipping point.  That was when people began to put up email out-of-game contact points to stay in touch-and that’s how a guild dies.

I do not discount my own culpability in this.  Like others, I came to see the empty lists, and haven’t exactly hid my distress at this.  I could see where it was going, but the end still hits hard.  In a way, I feel like I have helped the end along-and yet I can’t see how I could have done or said anything else that would have changed things.

Of course, not all is lost, in a way.  Rais-my RL cousin-is active in both LotRO and recently in CoH/V.  Pizmo has an account in LotRO on my server (and James pops in via osmosis), and I hear that Giepo is on one of the servers there as well (considering he was in Beta, that doesn’t surprise me).  And if I pick up Star Trek Online in the event it is actually released someday, perhaps I might see many of the people from the Outlaws once again.

It’s a little tough for me to write about this-the Outlaws were the first guild I’d joined in the first MMO I’d played.  I felt very much a part of the guild, even during that year when I’d been gone out of disgust for NGE.  I consider many of them my friends, even though I have never met them, even though I don’t even know their names any more than they know mine.  So it’s painful to see it all end.

As for my account-it remains open.  My income can handle the monthly fee, and I expect to drop in again a little more frequently when Chapter 7 is released, to see what kind of things have been added (particularly a former village location).  The character of Coreth Landwalker will not be dropping from the guild, nor will he transfer servers-if a core group of former Outlaws go to a different server and join a new guild somewhere, I will make someone entirely new (unless it’s Ahazi-already got an entertainer there).

Ok, that takes care of the depressing part of this post.  On a somewhat lighter note:  the Old Ranger got himself up to level 28 over the weekend, allowing him to play with trip mines.  Not too much with the Justiciars this week, though-everyone must be logging in at hours far later than I play, even for the weekend.  Still, we’ll see how things go-it’s just one week, after all.  On LotRO, Corethor is close to 26-he didn’t get as much as I’d hoped as far as xp goes, but I expect him to pull it off this week.


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