A Storm Passes, a Storm Begins

After some consideration, I paid for a server transfer in CoV for my Ebon Storm character, taking him from the Protector server to the Virtue server.  Unfortunately, there was a slight hitch:  there is already a character on Virtue named Ebon Storm.  It took me some effort, but I finally found a name I could live with and still be more or less true to the character; Ebon Storm became Ebon Thunderbolt.  So now both of my “main” characters on CoX are now inhabiting the same server.

The detail was enough to inspire me to create a NEW Ebon Storm on Protector, and I came up with a perfect background to fit.  Basically, I considered Virtue’s Earth and Protector’s Earth to be parallel worlds, and an accident switched over genetic duplicates; so the original Ebon Thunderbolt arrived on Protector, discovering he had a reputation that FAR exceeds his skill, while on Virtue, Ebon Storm discovered that he was considered a loser who was a sixth-rate criminal-who was suddenly far, far more dangerous than anyone would have ever imagined.  I can work with that.

Speaking of Virtue, the Ranger got up to level 25, and is pretty close to 26 now.  In an amusing coincidence, Corethor in LotRO is ALSO level 25, and pretty close to 26.  Another interesting note in Middle-Earth is that Piz has a character out there now, and is moving along quickly.  I half suspect the next time I log on he’ll be at my level (ok, maybe not, but I wouldn’t be surprised-he was around the 10ish area last I checked).


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