The Justiciars

Well, I’ve taken a step I haven’t done since my days in WoW when I was away from SWG for a year-I’ve joined a guild.  Well, in CoH, it’s “supergroup”, but the idea is the same.  The Old Ranger joined up with the Justiciars after its leader, Solairis, contacted me in-game and did the usual light probing to see if I was the kind of person who might be a good fit to his group.  I took a day to look over his groups policies and forums (their site is also conveniently on GuildPortal, although I needed to make a new logon for that group; policy was to have a login name similar enough to the character’s name, and “coreth” is nowhere near “Old Ranger” except in the minds of folks who have met me in SWG land).

Now we’re in that odd phase where they’ll be seeing if I’m the kind of person they want to keep around, and I’ll be seeing if they’re a group I can stand.  So far, the results are promising (at least on my end).

The Ranger hit level 20 yesterday, so I was able to grab a second costume slot; used it to give him a somewhat more military look as befitting the character’s backstory.  I’ve begun writing out some fiction on the character, which will eventually appear on both the Justiciar’s web site and on the Virtueverse wiki page.  This does NOT mean I’m backing off on writing Coreth’s last story; I can’t do much there anyway until Chapter 7 hits the SWG servers

On the SWG front, though, things are looking a tad bleak.  Those of us who remain in the Outlaws have finally come to accept that perhaps our time is done; posts in the forums seem to be pointing in that direction.  Change is coming again, but this time it appears that whatever happens, the Outlaws as a self-standing group are through.  Best we can do now is to salvage the friendships we’ve made there and translate them elsewhere, whether in another game, server, or guild.  This will take a bit of discussion, and hopefully things will work out.  Regardless of the decisions made, the character of Coreth will remain on Corbantis, and will not transfer.  It would be a whole new toon if it turns out to be another server (hm, I always wanted to smuggle-kind of); if another guild, well, we’ll see what happens.

I haven’t been on LotRO for over a week.  I’ll probably get back in there this week at least once.


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