Mother May I?

Last time I wrote about something that I thought SWG did really right.  I thought I’d continue the trend by talking about something CoV does really right.  It corresponds directly to an experience I had yesterday afternoon and evening.

As readers may recall, one of the big things that hit CoH/V recently is the Rikti Invasion.  As part of that Issue, a zone was modified/opened up called the Rikti War Zone; it had previously been a Crash Site for the Heroside, but was changed to a hero/villain coop zone-the second one in the game, and the only one with consistent content (Pocket D exists, but it’s mostly an RP kind of area except in holiday events).

One of the big attractions to the zone is the Rikti Mother Ship that crashed there.  There are 18 pylons that power the ship’s shields; if they are destroyed, a raid can go on a killing spree on the ship, wiping out Rikti all over.  To make it more attractive, each kill gives a merit, which can be used to unlock costume pieces or buy special equipment.  Eventually, a Giant Monster comes out to smack people around, and the shields eventually go back up, but there’s a fair length of time to act.

The thing is:  the area is loaded with level 50-54 enemies.  As the character level cap is 50, that makes them a challenge even for 50’s.  Lower levels would be dead in a heartbeat.  Which brings me to yesterday.

My Stalker is level 37 right now.  In most games, it would be forever and a week before I could ever get CLOSE to fighting in such a raid.  (I can actually get around the territory in hidden state, but that’s a function of being a Stalker)  My rate of collecting merits is very slow; I was up to about 25ish when I heard the call go out that a raid was forming.  I decided to give it a try, because of one of the systems in CoH/V-the ability to have a high level character sidekick you up to his level.  This made me an effective high level character, but with a more limited set of options (because I get no extra powers or enhancement slots or inspiration slots), and xp is regulated as if I were still my own level defeating opponents of similar level-so it’s not a power-leveling exercise.

This is a big deal-in WoW, LotRO, SWG, and probably Vanguard, if I were a lower level guy in a guild with high level people, I’d not be able to participate in such events-creating a gulf between the high-level established people and the low levels trying so hard to get to that point.  CoH/V eliminates that by allowing sidekicking up-or even better, exemplaring down:  a high level guy can voluntarily reduce himself to the low-guy’s level.  There’s reasons for that that get beyond the scope of this post.

As for the raid-it went great.  I was on two of them.  The first one put me in huge amounts of XP debt that I figured it would take a few weeks to pay it all off.  The second one reduced that debt down to a quarter of its original size (I got lucky).  Team xp was a big help, and I got enough merits to get two of the costume pieces I was working for and am well on my way to another.  I even helped take down the Giant Monster that spawned on the first raid.  And Ebon Storm managed to hit level 37 too, one level away from getting access to his last power in the secondary set.

Ok, enough with CoH/V.  Not much movement in SWG, although Zhaven isn’t far from making 85 now-but it’ll require more tulrus to die first.  I did manage to get a level or two in LotRO, which puts Corethor up to 23-and he’s not far from 24 either.  All in all, the week’s been pretty decent.


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