The Magic of Storyteller Events

I am convinced that the SWG Storyteller system is possibly the best thing to hit SWG since NGE.  (This is NOT saying NGE was a good thing….)

In the last couple of weeks, the players behind the characters Tidal Oneka and Eryie Talore have put together some pretty good guild events-even within the limits of the Storyteller system.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the biggest RP guy in the guild or in the game (although I can certainly do it as well as any-experience playing D&D helps there!), but I’ve enjoyed stepping deeper into the characters of Zhaven and Coreth in-game, putting the personalities of the written characters into the ones who appear every week in SWG.  Between Tidal and Eryie, we’ve had events covering an apparently insane Bothan under a dark influence put characters through a gauntlet, an evil clone throwing puzzles at characters where failure meant innocent lives were lost, and an Imperial “investigation” in the city of Horizon (with typical Imperial heavy-handedness).

What the system has done is something the devs haven’t been able to do (whether because of time or lack of inclination):  create an ongoing plot.  More importantly, it allows for personalization of the plot; specific characters can be impacted by the events.  Characters may discover archenemies, may be the targets of the villains, or may be the ones who can stop the whole sordid mess.

It’s still got limitations.  I know I’d give quite a bit to have Storyteller NPC’s act like ventriloquist dummies, give them some extra life.  That detail can be worked around with some emotes, but it’s a lot more immersive to see the NPC sneering at you, threatening you, begging for his life, descending into madness.  And I’ve a long standing desire to see the Storyteller tokens usable on the non-expansion “adventure planets” like Dath, Yavin, and Endor.  The devs said it was because there weren’t any “no-build” zones there, but I vividly remember being unable to place my camps in pre-NGE days near POIs.  I can’t see why that same code can’t be used to prevent tokens from boxing up a POI.

In other news:  LotRO put out a new publish that makes significant impacts on the Hunter and Captain classes; since Corethor is a Captain, it will be interesting to see how that goes.  I’ve neglected him too much lately.  Also managed to have some fun with CoV; I had consolidated my alts on the Protector server to create a villian group called the Dark Syndicate-mainly because I wanted to try playing around with the create-your-own-base thing.  The base isn’t bad-I got to the point where the group has two working teleporters; long way to go for further improvements at this point, because with one player it takes a long time to build up prestige to the right levels.  I’m in no hurry, though.

Took the time to finally find a way to show some of the fun had during the CoH/V Invasion; this pdf file shows a bit of what Ebon Storm did during the invasion.  Not my best writing work, but then, it’s a new medium-and it has pictures!

2015 edit:  the pdf’s host is long gone, and the pdf itself vanished from my hard drive somehow, so this one’s lost to history.  It was a neat little screenshot-comic, too.


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