Invasion’s End

As of today, the major Rikti Invasion event ends in City of Heroes/Villains.  So what did I think of it?

For the most part, it was a helluva lot of fun.  Sometimes I was truly hating the lag (especially in the Cap; for some reason, folks thought it would be a good idea to have their gathering by the Black Market-an area ALREADY known for lag), but most of the time I was having a blast having Ebon Storm stick his sword through various incarnations of Rikti.  I succeeded in getting him the Watchman accolade, the character’s first meaningful accolade (this actually gave him a useful benefit).  Got a whole bunch of screenshots of the event (some of which are shown in the last blog entry), and I’m still figuring out how best to share my experiences there.

With the main invasion over (there will be continued incursions, but not to the same frequency of the last couple of weeks), and my badges earned, I’m back down to the no-pressure system of leveling (I did accidentally make level 35 while going through the fun, and was able to join the Vanguard and enter the RWZ as a result).  Conveniently, it also means a resumption of my “normal” play schedule between SWG, LotRO, and CoH/V.

I’m going to give full props to the CoH/V devs for the Invasion event.  I was very happy with it, even managed to get my cousin on a trial of the game so he could experience the carnage (I lackey’d him up to my level so he could actually participate in beating up Rikti); not sure he’ll stick around, since he’s pretty committed to LotRO-but at least he’s got a more favorable impression of the game now.  I’d managed to even get a couple of my alts in on the fun (although neither got a badge-but then, they ARE alts!  It’s not like I’m done with Ebon yet!).  I can’t imagine how the devs can top this event.

Although rumor has it that they might reinstate the Invasion on random days for the next couple months….


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