Invasion and the Storm

Back, tanned, and rested from my week at the beach.  And of course, the MMO games I play managed to move on without me.  SWG popped out its bug-bash publish, and from what I can tell, civilization there hasn’t come to an end yet.  LotRO didn’t pop out a big publish, although it sounds as if their next one isn’t far off.

In CoH/V, though, the new issue 10 hit.  And honestly, this has kept my attention so far this week.  For those unfamiliar with CoH/V lore:  not so terribly long ago, Earth was invaded by an alien(?) race known as the Rikti, and only with the supreme sacrifice of most of the planet’s superhumans did they get driven back behind dimensional barriers.  The remaining Rikti were marooned, and cut off from their major resources.  With the latest publish, they come back with a vengeance.

I’ve not had so much fun since WoW’s Dark Portal opening prior to the Burning Crusade release.  (I’d have liked to include the gate of Ahn’Qiraj on that very short list, but I was far too low level to actually MATTER there).  My villain-who made it to 34 before I left-held his own with the gaggle of other bad-guys who defended the CoV setting (the Rogue Isles) from the invaders.  If anyone’s going to conquer the world, it’ll be one of US, not these bloody alien party-crashers!  Lag was an issue, but I was able to get credited with enough kills for the Chief badge, and am on my way to the other two needed for the Watchman accolade.

A few pics to illustrate the beautiful chaos.

2015 edit:  Imageshack has since deleted pretty much all the images on my account there, so no chance of reconstructing that on this post.


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