…Has Mastered the Pilot Profession.

With the ever-effective aid of Pizmo, I made my final ace in SWG.  Smuggler’s Alliance is finally down, and that’s the big wrap-up of my piloting advancement.  It represents the last of the big goals I’d set well before the coming of NGE, and it’s good to finally have that finished up.

What’s next for me in SWG?  Well, Zhaven still needs another 9 levels to get to 90.  I might work on that.  Or I may go heavy on treasure map gathering and see if I can get fun loot.  Or I may just bum around a bit.

In the LotRO front, got Corethor to level 20; now he can wear the heavy stuff for his armor.  In theory, his herald can wear armaments now, but I’ve heard rumors that this detail is kind of busted right now, so I’ll hold off on that.  Been spending a lot of time in the Lone Lands, spreading out away from Bree.  Still need to get around to doing Book One, though.  I really should do that at some point.

City of Heroes/Villains is touting its new issue, featuring an alien invasion.  I’ve spent a bit of time on that getting my villain (Ebon Storm) a bit higher so he can participate in the fun when it hits.


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