A Farewell…and a Welcome

First, the farewell:  to Azeroth.

In a few days, I’ll be letting my account die out for WoW.  It was an enjoyable stay, for roughly 140 levels worth of adventure over three characters, and it kept me entertained during the bleak period after 11/15/05.  But I have found myself logging in less and less, and the motivation is no longer there for me to continue doing so-and it made less sense to continue the subscription in this event.  Perhaps one day I will return, but that day will be likely very distant.  I am told that it is unlikely the characters will be deleted anytime in the future, so Coreth-the-Warrior, Gilraen, and Landwalker may one day again pit themselves against the Scourge and the Burning Legion, but for now their story is over.

The welcome comes in a few days, to Middle-Earth.  Using the buddy key provided to me, I’ve found my stay in Lord of the Rings Online to be entertaining.  Maybe it’s because it’s a shiney new toy, or maybe because the story is more familiar to me than WoW’s ever was.  So when the trial key runs out, I’ll be purchasing the game; it will be taking the time slots recently vacated by WoW time.

In SWG news:  started Ace Number Eight (Havoc), and am nearly done with the tier-3 boxes.  I have to admit, if I had to do the process over again, I’d have done all of one faction first, then another, and so forth; because saving the high-end stuff on low ships makes a difference.  I plowed through the tier-3 missions like a hot knife through butter once I got the X-wing that I never decommissioned available again.  Be nice to think I could ace by the weekend, but I know better.  Maybe by next Monday….


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