Oh, that’s right, I have a blog….

Been a while since I’ve put up anything here.  So now’s as good a time as any.

Not too much movement in leveling characters; had family visiting and that always cuts down my playing time considerably.

Chapter Six for SWG got released.  Haven’t tried out the new questlines yet (but I plan to fairly soon), but I was highly impressed by the Storyteller system they put in.  I missed Tidal’s big triple-event stories, but I saw the remains of it (burning AT-ATs tend to get the attention).  Summer months seem to be seeing the return of several players; seen more people in the guild on in the last week than I’d seen in the last three months.  As far as my future activity goes, I expect to be deciding shortly if I’ll spend time leveling Zhaven or starting Coreth’s next ace.  I may end up flipping a coin.

Speaking of Zhaven, I pretty much completely scrapped the story outline I was putting together for the character.  It was meant to be a self-contained story that nonetheless would lead into the next Coreth one, but I just couldn’t find a way to make the handoff work.  So it’s back to square one there.  Haven’t figured if I’ll work that out or if I’ll just write the next Coreth anyway, since that one is a lot closer to reality.

In the land of WoW…well, like I said, not much movement there.  *shrug*  I’ll get to it sooner or later again.

I’ve spent some time playing City of Villains, which I’d picked up months ago and did a little on-and-off.  It remains a nice bit of fluff-I’ve called it my “beer-and-pretzels” kind of game, and the fact that it’s not my regular stomping ground is the main reason I haven’t joined any supergroups there.

Finally, I will be able to (pretty soon) be able to try out a buddy key for Lord of the Rings Online, and will make some judgments on that.  I would not rule out replacing WoW with it if it grabs my interest strongly enough; on the other hand, the last game I had good expectations for was Vanguard, and that trial wasn’t all that impressive.


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