Ace Number Seven

SWG-Coreth got to his seventh Ace last night.  I had expected it later in the week, but the stars aligned-plus, good fortune aided me too.  Primarily in the forms of Pizmo, Xandrac, and a recently-returned Dawookie, who also needed a ‘vette kill.  The Kessel run (not to be confused with the Kessel Run) was rougher than I remembered.  First, there was a heap of fighters that kept spawning in; pretty sure I’d have never made this one solo.  Second, my protons were not killing components on the ‘vette as fast as I remembered.  I could easily have seen myself running out of ammo there.  Most important, though, is the ugly fact that I was unable to mount a consistent offense.

Because I had the proton torpedoes loaded, the power balance of my ship tilted the wrong way-meaning I could not use the weapon overloads along with other overloads, which meant I hit a lot lighter than I would have liked.  Why I’m only noticing this now is iffy; but it means that I need to do some serious retooling before I drop this ace for the next so that the next run will work out better.

The work on re-acing made the other characters I’ve got rolling suffer a bit.  No movement on WoW-Coreth at all (although he’s about a third of the way to 63), and none for Gil either.  Zhaven hasn’t gone far either.  That’s life with various toons on different games; either you advance one guy reasonably quick and the others suffer, or they all advance slowly.  Ah well-as long as I’m having fun…!


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