The Slow Process of Advancement

Got WoW-Coreth up to 62 last weekend.  As expected, I had to do a chunk of raw grinding, but I also stumbled onto a couple quest chains for level 61 that I hadn’t noticed before at a goblin zepplin.  Upon reaching 62 I headed back to train-to discover that some of the abilities I was able to get now were available at 61!  I’d not realized that the devs would break the usual even-number level ability growth (sounds bad-couldn’t think of a better way to say it).  Plan to try to get into a PUG for the Hellfire Ramparts soon; I’m told the gear that can drop is MC comparable, and I’ve got a quest for that too.  I just need to review things like layout and strategy so when I do go in I don’t end up causing the group to wipe.

In SWG, I didn’t do too much with Zhaven.  There’s been a glitch in the latest chapter which has done strange things to xp.  Zhaven was one of those affected, as he had somehow gained a good chunk of xp towards his next level-which I KNEW I hadn’t earned.  A hotfix reverted it apparently back to where it was, so I may be picking up a bit more with him.  Starting do do Clone Relics quests, but trying to avoid the ones for space, as he isn’t the best pilot out there.

As far as SWG-Coreth, he’s ALMOST finished getting the materials he needs to order his factory run of camps.  Might also pick up a single camp with a shuttle and/or clone chamber and/or entertainer area in preparation of something Tidal is cooking up.  Shuttle is looking likely, the other two questionable.  Also need to pick up an astromech for my Y-Wing; the first tier-3 mission mopped up the floor with me, and I’d held off droid commands for a bit, but now it’s kind of a necessity.


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