Whoa! I said WHOA you varmint!! WHHOOOAAA!!!!

At long last, WoW-Coreth got the funds needed for his epic mount.  In a development that seems to be typical of me, I discovered that I didn’t need as much gold as I thought I did-I could’ve gotten it last week.  Nothing like complete humiliation here.

What a difference!  I put on the carrot trinket, had the mithril spurs on my boots, and had my epic mount, and I took him for a spin.  The difference was so noticeable that I was screaming “Brakes!  Where’s my #%^! BRAKES!!??”  It really has cut down travel time, and I’m so glad to have this out of the way.  Now, the flying mounts will be a different story, but that is still far in the future.  The character has just entered Zangarmarsh (or however it’s spelled), but the quest levels seem to be mostly 63s.  Since I’m still at 61, I’m not horribly inclined to do those as of yet.  I may end up trying to grind my way to 62 on the Peninsula.

On SWG, Zhaven finally got around to his level 76.  Might pick him up again and drive to 80 by doing Kash quests…or perhaps the Clone Relics (it’s time).  I feel it’s time to start establishing the character a bit more firmly than I have-Coreth has been most of my time of late, and it’d be nice to get the spy closer to 90.


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