I made the mistake of going into a Best Buy a few days ago, and came out with the Burning Crusade expansion for WoW.  My head’s still spinning from how that happened.  :)

I have two characters who can go into the Outland portion of the game (Coreth being 60, and Gilraen having JUST hit 58 last weekend), but I’ve been using a couple of new toons to look over the new starter areas.  Ironically, their origins can be traced back to SWG:  the Draenei shaman I named Idievak; the Blood Elf was originally going to be a warlock, but when I finished selecting the character appearance, he looked so roguish-like that I decided to make him a rogue-and after that, I had to name him Zhaven.

I have no trouble recycling names.  I like to think I’m environmentally conscious.

Things are slower in the SWG front.  Seems like I’m not on when others are on; time of year, maybe, or maybe folks are gravitating towards other games.  Vanguard just came out, and I’m liable to take a peek at it to see what’s what.  I suspect the character of Coreth will be reborn a ranger over there, at least for the length of time of a trial period.  Not sure what I’ll do if it turns out that I LIKE the game.  I’ve no intention of leaving SWG at this point (although I never say never), and I’ve obviously recommitted to WoW.  Truly a dilemma.

But, fortunately, one I do not have to answer yet.  But I may have to soon.


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