For the Horde!

Things have been fairly slow on the SWG front; haven’t used Zhaven much lately, and I’ve been testing the limits of what Coreth L can handle (solo’d the vette as a combatant a couple times-now, if only I can find an engineer to put together the AV-21 with my schema and plant now).  Planning on starting up his piloting again, this time flying a Reb squad.  I figure it’ll take a few weeks-not so much because of skill, or equipment, but because I don’t expect to spend ALL my time in space.  Since I’m done with the Imperial side of things, I don’t feel pressured to rush through it.

The Burning Crusade hit WoW, and as previously mentioned, I’ve ignored it (for now).  An old friend of mine came back to WoW having burned out on SWG; of course the discrepancy in levels between my toons and his is…rather large.  So I suggested an interesting course of action.  If we’re both on, we work on our NEW characters-and we did it as members of the Horde.  Enter Kizaran, a Troll priest.  I’d not played that class before, so I figured to give it a whirl.  On the other hand, since my pally is a healing machine, I figured why should my priest also be?  He’s going to go Shadow spec when the time comes.  I want to melt faces!!!!  (Pretty sure that’s the build that does that)  If either of us happens to be on when the other isn’t, we’re still building our Alliance toons-the Horde thing is so we can actually work together without being so far ahead of each other that it isn’t funny.

Plus, of course, it’s an excuse to go Horde and see life from the other side.


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