Thoughts on the Jedi class

A day doesn’t go by when I glance at the “jedi” forums, and read how underpowered Jedi is, how weak they are, especially in comparison with other classes.  And this may be true from a PvP standpoint.

This last weekend, I proved to myself that from a PvE standpoint, that’s all bunk.

The first bit of personal testing came when I decided to try to get a hold of a spare OR hilt from Sher Kar-and folks told me they’d solo’d it as a jedi, so I figured it was possible that I could do so as well-even with my less-than-perfect equipment.  Took about ten minutes (maybe fifteen), but I was never in danger of dying-except when I accidentally aggro’d the horde of critters prior to SK.  Good thing I had the Force Cloak in my talent build (er, expertise build.  Heh, heh).

That built up confidence.  So I made sure to do it again a couple days later-and conveniently got my second schematic for the hilt.  (I expect to craft a test version with the best stuff I can find, and save the other for when/if I get better resources)

In the interim, I decided to tackle Necrosis and his lackeys.  I couldn’t do it with my officer at the time, so I figured this would be another good test.  I took out the two NKs, ran away from Necroboy to get time to heal, then plastered him.  Looted a Bane’s Heart crystal; it now sits in my bunker next to my Sith holocron, Chu-Dar Cube, and a useless lightsaber.

Since that worked well, I decided to try to solo a Corvette mission.  This one worked strange-I had been holding onto a ticket, so I forgot which mission it actually was.  But the wacky part came when I boarded-because I was still on leave!  I’d thought I could only board as a combatant.  As a result, the only threat on board was the super battle droids-which I could take.  No AV-21 powerplant schema, though.  I figure at this point, I’m going to try to grab one simply because it’d be nice to have an AV-21.

The jedi don’t need the extra help for PvE.  That’s a fact.  For folks who say there’s no point to having them in a group with other classes, I’d point out that the healing and defense of a jedi makes one ideal for tanking the nastiest threat out there while everyone cleans the other mobs out-it effectively means the jedi can remove it from the board.  I can’t speak for PvP, of course.  I will say that the jedi is a simpler class to play, simply because just about everything I took in the jedi expertise is a passive bonus.  The only active special gained was the Force Cloak.

Not too much progress on the leveling front, on either game.  Haven’t put too much into Zhaven, so he only gained two levels (finally got Without a Trace!  Yeah!).  On WoW, Gil is at 56 still; most of my time has been helping an old friend level in the game with Landwalker (and since most of the mobs are too low level for xp, he’s still at 30-although he IS close to 31).

Side note:  The Burning Crusade expansion is released today.  I have no intention of buying it until at least a month has gone by-time enough for the obvious bugs to be found and hopefully fixed.  I expect lag to be a living hell for the immediate future, too.


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