Two Years In….

Well, it’s been two years now since I went into MMO gaming.  Last year at around this time (somewhat later, but I was running late last year), I took a moment to reflect on where I’d been in the previous year.  So I’ll do so again.

One year ago, I’d been SWG free for about two months, and had been pushing the character of Coreth in WoW hard-he’d gotten to level 40 at that point.  The lower tier characters were still in their relative infancy.  I had just quit the Bane of the Horde guild, and had struck out on my own again.  Then a lot happened.

The Coreth character ended up joining Moon Dynasty for a short time, before jumping ship to Melloneamin; that guild soon had a bit of a crisis in leadership which caused a good chunk of its members to leave and form a new guild, Resurrection.  By this time, I had comfortably gotten to level 60 warrior, and was able to serve-briefly-as the main tank of the guild through the Spider Boss of ZG.  Unfortunately, those raids proved to me that my character was insufficient to remain main tank.  Worse still, the time commitment to those instances (several hours, often) was very wearing-it meant I could only realistically do them on weekends.  Given the fact that the character is on an Oceanic server, that meant the times of raids during the week weren’t working out.  Eventually, I left that guild as well, to put the Coreth toon in cold storage; he was briefly revived during the latest patch to update his talent built to full protection, but he remains in the freezer.

The Gilraen character was given a revival.  While I slowed down a lot with him as I started doing the raid thing, I picked him back up.  He’s presently at level 56, closing in on the magic 60 himself now.  As with all my WoW toons, he remains guildless for now.  During the patch, I took the opportunity to spec him full holy, instead of the eclectic build I’d had prior-and found his durability far greater than I’d expected.

The Landwalker character stayed mostly in the freezer, although he did get enough of a workout to recently hit 30.

The big surprise of the last year was a return to SWG.  I certainly wouldn’t have anticipated it this time last year.  A brief return in late spring thanks to a free 2 weeks from SOE had me convert Coreth Landwalker from a ranger to an officer (class); but after SOE patched the targeting in the combat system to something I could tolerate, I returned full time (well, as full as it get-I still split time with WoW).  As of the New Year, I took the big step of further respeccing Coreth to the jedi class, which has interesting similarities in playing style to Gilraen in WoW.

The existence of the second character slot per server in SWG allowed me to create Zhaven Rel, a spy character who just hit level 70 last night (I’d like to thank all the grauls that came out to get shot for experience points).

The biggest benefit of returning to SWG, of course, was the guild; battered but unbowed, still the best guild I’ve had the honor of being a part of.  Not a huge guild in terms of activity, but a better bunch I’ve not encountered elsewhere in WoW or in SWG.  It remains a privilege to be in their guild.

On that note:  for the two or three readers who care (I’m so cynical), the final chapters of Zhaven’s Tales will be up shortly.  That should wrap up my writing for a while, until inspiration hits me again (which could, admittedly, happen at any time).


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