Minor Update

A good chunk of the last week was spent doing non-SWG, non-WoW activity (Christmas is coming, you know!), so not a whole lot of movement on that end.  Gilraen got up to level 52 in WoW, which gave him access to his first Greater Blessing (which, given how rarely I plan to do raids anymore, will probably never see use), and is doing all the quests in Un’goro that Coreth missed.  Zhaven is up to level 64 in SWG, which gave him access to new weapons-replaced his carbine, and now I’ve started him on some of the Kash quests.  He’s also upgraded his pilot skills a little, and I may be getting ready to try Boba’s quest again once I replace his Dunelizard.

I’ll be out of town for the Christmas holiday, so after Thursday I’ll be MIA until the following Wednesday, most likely.  If I don’t see you in game, have a Merry Christmas!


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