The Life and Times of Zhaven Rel

Coreth managed to nail down his sixth ace last weekend (the journey eased a bit from some help from his friends), which concludes his term of service with the Empire-forever.  The character remains Rebel aligned here on out.  It worked out well, since the 5 day waiting period hasn’t kicked in yet (coming with next publish).

After this week, though, the character is going to drop out of sight for a while.  Part of this is because it’s finally time for the in-game character to catch up to the in-story character, which requires Coreth to vanish for a while-and on bad terms with the Alliance leadership.  When he comes back…well, that respec device will finally see a use.

The other reason is that it’s time for me to put some effort into Zhaven Rel.  He hit 34 over the weekend, and is into the Corellian Legacy quests.  He’s “provisionally” joined the Horizon Underworld, although he doesn’t consider them an “exclusive employer”.  I’ve also started putting up “The Tales of Zhaven Rel” on the site; unlike most of my recent writings, I’ll put up chapters when I’m good and ready.  It’s a throwback to the original Coreth tales in that each chapter is pretty stand alone (but there IS an over-arcing thread through them all); as far as guest Outlaws are concerned, there will be a greater concentration of the “New Guard” Outlaws as opposed to the “Old Guard” who tend to show up in Coreth’s stories.  The folks who RP may find discrepencies; well, that’s the biz of writing.  Not to mention that folks like Zhaven tend to have plans within plans within plans….

On the WoW front, Gilraen finally hit 48.  Unfortunately, it didn’t have any new spells attached to it.  From the sounds of things, the new patch may be coming within the month, which will give complete talent refunds because the new extra talents will be coming in.  As this will do all kinds of wacky and icky things to my builds, I will have to carefully consider not just Gilraen’s talent build, but Coreth’s as well.


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