The Trials and Tribulations of Entertainment

A ways back, before the NGE came crashing down, I had a second character.  It wasn’t on the Corbantis server, though-I wasn’t a Jedi, after all, and second slots were reserved for them only in that time.  It was on the Ahazi server.  The character was Idievak Bialar, and he was an entertainer.

The character had been created in the beginning days of the CU.  I was having trouble adapting to the changes in the system-the loss of the combat queue had hit hard, and I had yet to get a feel for the timing of the special attack cooldowns.  Needing some time away, I put created a Zabrak character who was designed to end up as a Master Musician/Master Entertainer, and change.  Originally, the change was going to have some Fencer skills, but I decided that I really wanted this one to be a non-com.  In time, he made a long-term friend or two, and ended his career as the NGE came barrelling down as a Master Musician, Master Entertainer, and Master Artisan.  I had meant to respec that Artisan skill out to another entertainment one, because he had previously been Master Musician, Master Artisan, Master Architect, but wanted to make sure he converted to entertainment if I should return, but that was it for the token respec I’d saved for the character.

Time passed.  I came back.  To my horror-and disgust-Idievak converted to a toon who was still deep in the first box of Entertainer.  Attempts to have him converted to where I felt he should be were squelched by the CSRs.  Finally, in frustration and pain, I deleted Idievak-the memory of what he had been had just been poisoned beyond repair.  This, of course, meant sacrificing a bit of the things he’d collected over his career (Imperial Banners, vet reward holos, his ability to play Western music, his “I survived the CU” plaque, etc), as well as a decent chunk of change from his brief time as an Architect.

I would later feel bad about making this sacrifice.  Not so much the item loss-although certainly there’s an element there.  But the fact is that it had been fun being an entertainer.  It was a different kind of fun-one that involved chatting with folks in the cantina and putting on a show.  I’d even performed for an in-game wedding once.  Combat players lose sight, I think, of the fact that fighting isn’t the only-pardon the phrase-entertainment in the game.

It would be easy to try to recreate Idievak-presuming the system actually freed up the name after his deletion.  But it would still be an insult to his memory.  Idievak was a product of his time-the Combat Upgrade days.  So instead I chose a different path-I made a new entertainer from scratch.  Where Idievak was more of a “smooth jazz” entertainer, my new one’s concept is that of a “rock star”.  If the Entertainer revamp rolls along as some believe in Chapter Five, perhaps there will be an audience again to perform for.  But if nothing else, I once again have an outlet for non-combat amusement.

As for Idievak?  Well, he may be gone from SWG, but the character lives on (he actually made a brief cameo in one of my stories).

On the WoW front, didn’t get too much done.  Well, that’s not really true-got about five quests cleared out, and gained a new level.  It was a healthy amount of playing for a fairly short day-for a paladin character, advancement is rarely fast.  Getting to 50 will still take serious work, but at least I can start concentrating on that goal for him now.


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