Sometimes it’s the littlest things that just prove to be a breaking point.  It seems that is the case now.

It’s gotten to the point where I can point to more instances where I’ve logged out of WoW in disgust than I can with a feeling of having done something positive.  It isn’t an issue with the guild-it goes across all the characters I’ve put together.  It isn’t making me a particularly pleasant person to deal with when I am online at this point.

It’s time for a break.  It’s not the first time I’ve felt burned out or otherwise hacked off at a game.  The last time it happened, I was playing SWG, and I took off about a month from playing it (ironically, that period was when I first dipped my toes into WoW).  When I came back after that month, I felt refreshed and ready to play the game again.  Of course, NGE wandered in not so long afterwards, but that’s an entirely different issue.

Of course, my situation now is different than it was in SWG.  SWG never had what you would call “end game raids”, and I wouldn’t have been a major part of them if they did (rangers weren’t really built for things that shot back; they were built for things that tended to chew).  In WoW, I’ve been a semi-dependable tank.  But only semi-dependable.  With the rising recruitment numbers, and folks who are frankly better at it than I am, they can live without me (especially given my worsening attitude towards the game).

Maybe what worked once will work again.  Maybe in a month, I’ll be set to go again, with a new attitude and a new perspective on how I want to play the game.  But for now, it’s best I step away for a while.


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