Some Random Ramblings

My ISP issue managed to resolve itself (even if nobody actually can explain what their problem was), so was back in the swing of things.  Of course, work required I miss ZG last weekend (again).  Fortunately, it’ll be at least a couple of weeks since the next time I need to worry about that, so barring any ISP issues, it’ll be time to swing back into action!

I expect to do some minor tweaking to my spec soon; nothing major as of yet (as I’m still not prepared to abandon Coreth to a full protection spec and give up hope of doing anything besides instances).  I’d had a few points in Improved Revenge that I figure to move to Defiance.  The only times I really use Revenge is when I’m doing instance runs, and I have noticed very much that I’m not generating the threat I need to in order to tank the raids.  That extra 3 points will up my threat from 6% extra to 15% extra.  The stun I’m getting from Improved Revenge has become counterproductive, since I WANT to get hit and have rage generated as a result.  Not sure if I’ll tweak the arms side; there isn’t much wiggle room there.

Seems that Anh’Qiraj is on deck; it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.  I’ve started doing some reading on the instance.  I’ll have to do some looking to see where I’m at as far as nature resists; I know my tank gloves have it, and I think I’ve got a ring or necklace with some; my pally alt can make potions, but they aren’t the greater type, so it’s iffy as to whether or not it’ll be worth producing.

Next ZG run should get me to Honored with Zandalar.  Was hoping to hit it on Tues, but ended a tad under 200 short.

My cash issues have more or less remained constant.  I’m hovering between 400-450 gold these days.  I’ve spent a fair chunk of gold on equipment (mostly greens) more suited for dps than for armor, to see if that made a difference with the Arms spec I’m using.  I was able to do a significant amount of damage with little chance of dying in Tyr’s Hand in EPL, so I’d tentatively say that it has made a difference.  Still can’t deal with folks much higher than that, but then, they ARE elites.

Gilraen hit 46 recently.  I may be putting a lot more time into him soon.  Instances are the only place at this point where Coreth can get some of his gear/quests done, and it appears that my login times are once again proving to be either too early or too late-which was the same issue I was having with Moon Dynasty.  Of course, that was just one of several issues I had with MD, which don’t exist in Rez, but still….  Besides, I keep hearing how we’re having issues getting healers sometimes, so getting Gil up there may prove a positive goal.

Been paying attention to the SWG boards lately; looks like Chapter 3 of the NGE will be out soon, featuring the long-long-LONG awaited smuggler content as well as officer expertise.  Seems I was right on the money with the late Sept prediction (although I could end up a week or so off and it move to early Oct).  Noticed there are a lot of changes to the interface on deck, too.  I’ll continue to watch the developments there.


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