Screwed by the ISP

Well, didn’t get much done on THIS weekend….

Latency issues have pretty much killed my playing time over the weekend.  Still in the middle of resolving them-if they can be resolved, that is.  It SEEMS that it’s an issue on the ISP side, but they insist it isn’t them.  I’m trying to get a full explanation, because it certainly is NOT my network cable, and I am NOT replacing my network card without actual proof that it is the problem.  The issue isn’t a big deal for casual internet usage, but for online gaming it’s a tad more critical.  I can’t expect to hold up my end on raids if I lag to death (and when you’re getting over 1200 ms latency, that is a bad thing).

It’s moderately disgusting, since the guild managed to down Tiger and Panther over the weekend, and apparently took a crack at Hakkar too.  More disgusting since RL will keep me from joining this weekend’s run.  Not too happy with the ISP folks right now.

I’m hoping the ISP can help figure out if it’s an issue with their stuff, or with Blizzard’s stuff (although I’m inclined to believe it’s my ISP, given others in game at the same time were getting green latency while I had red).  If they tell me there’s nothing they can do….

Hoping it won’t come to that.


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